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Consultants in Spanish and Portuguese speaking countries in the Americas to help you comply with regulations and open markets for Food and Cosmetic.

We have more than 28 years of experience in Food and Cosmetics sector.
Our consultants have built an extensive network of connections with local health authorities, 
scientific experts, lawyers, Trade Associations, and CEOs of companies in Non-English 
countries in the Americas. 


Market opening

-Comprehensive consulting services for the organization of meeting and agendas of technical visits for companies. 

-Drafting, coordinating and formatting agendas. Providing guidance and support during implementation.

-Guidence on compliance with local regulations for the marketing of products.

Import and Export advisory for regulatory Compliance.

-Review and adaptation of labels to the local regulation.

– Elaboration of protocol import regulations according to the type of product. 

Review of the client’s scientific dossier and adaptation of the information as requested by the health authority. 

Governmental Regulatory Monitoring.

– Monitoring of Parliament Committees to create new labeling systems, tax food, tax pharmaceuticals, and new law proposals that may affect the pharmaceuticals, cosmetic, and food sectors. 

-Analysis of the political-economic context of the countries that affect pharmaceuticals, cosmetic and food regulations.

– Preparation of state of affairs and defense documents concomitant with the sector against regulatory threats.

Market Research,
and Commercial Prospecting

-Market research based on interviews and meetings with the main players in the sector. It includes an exhaustive approach to the regulatory framework. Includes suggestions of business opportunities.


-Positioning studies and strategies, Storytelling, graphic and editorial design, visual identity.



We are a team of Senior Specialist Consultants with technical and political experience in the Food Industry, Pharmaceutical, and Cosmetic sectors of the countries of the Americas. Our headquarters is located in Santiago Chile, and our consultants are based in the following countries: Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Paraguay, Costa Rica, and Mexico.

How do we do it??

We know that the field of food and cosmetics regulation feels alien to many; it is too legal for food experts as well as too technical for lawyers. We provide the bridge and help Companies comply with the Food and Cosmetics Regulations in the countries of the Americas.

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